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Hot Water Tank/Tankless:

Are you tired of always running out of hot water when you need it most?

  Hot water is one of the essentials of a comfortable modern life, especially in the cold seasons. If your hot water system is not working properly, or if it is the time to service it, Techno-Gas Heating Services will be honored to serve you to fix the problem or replace the tank/tankless. Our technicians are skillful and qualified gas fitters with many years of experience in their job. 

 "Techno-Gas Heating "repairs and replaces all makes of hot water tanks and tankless in the market. 

Our on-site consultation is free. We will provide you with all the necessary information with all possible choices. Then you will decide on them. 

Hot Water Tank

 "Techno-Gas" offers a wide range of hot water tank makes and sizes. Replacing a hot water tank takes 2 to 4 hours. The job that we do comes with 6 years full warranty. 

Its total cost (before tax) starts from $1100.

On-Demand Water Heater (Tankless)

With a tank, water is continually heated and reheated wasting valuable energy when hot water is not a use and your hot water supply is limited to the gallons of water your tank can hold. A tankless water heater- also called instantaneous, inline, on-demand water heater, is more efficient providing endless hot water only when you need it, and it has double the lifespan of a tank making it ultimately a better value

  The make that we install is "Navien" and comes with 10 years part and labor warranty and 15 years for heat exchanger warranty. 

The process of installing a tankless takes 4- 8 hours and costs from $4800.