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Heater Repair

Heater Repair – Fast, Emergency Service Is Available


In Burnaby, British Columbia, a non working furnace in the middle of the winter months is worrisome. It warrants emergency heater repair. At Techno-Gas Heating Services, we can help you with this. If your system is not working or does not stay on properly, call us for help. We can often help you to get your system repaired right away, minimizing any discomfort in your home. Even if you need a larger repair, we can often handle it for you quickly.


Keep in mind that getting heater repair as soon as you notice changes in your system is best. This can minimize the extensiveness of the repair and may eliminate the need for an emergency service call. In all situations, our team can help you by providing fast, reliable service through a licensed and insured technicians. With 24-7 emergency repair service available to you, you do not have to wait to get the help you need.

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