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Why do you need to tune-up your furnace?

At first glance, it may seem redundant to service your furnace every year, but technically, it is not. It is definitely recommended to tune up your furnace annually in order to:

  •  keep it working safely for you and your property

  •  keep its warranty valid 

  •  keep it in a good shape and so prevent your furnace from failure 

  •  keep it efficient and to lower your gas bill


That's why spending a small amount of money once a year can ​ensure much more benefits for you. So, let's go to know what Techno-Gas does to tune-up a furnace:

- Checking any gas leak

- Checking, cleaning or replacing the air filter

- Checking the exhaust and combustion air openings 

- Checking the heat exchanger for cracks and deterioration 

- Cleaning burners 

- Checking the fan switches and adjusting them if needed

- Cleaning and checking the pilot/ ignitor

- Checking and cleaning the flame sensor 

- Controlling safety

- Checking the belt and pulleys 

- Put lubricate on rotating parts and equipment

- and more checking and adjusting if needed.

To tune up or service your furnace