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 Professional furnace maintenance Service

What Type of Furnace Maintenance Are You Doing?


Many people do not think much about their furnace until there is a problem with it. When this happens, the repairs are costly. To avoid this, your furnace needs routine cleaning and upkeep. It is best to have a licensed technician come in to provide this type of furnace maintenance for you. Our professionals work closely with you to ensure you are getting the very best level of care possible, minimizing any potential problems in the upcoming season.


Furnace maintenance should include several steps. Some homeowners may be able to clean out the filters (this is something you should do at least one time a month when the furnace is being used). Yet, there are other steps, including checking the electrical components, heat exchanger inspection, high limit switch tests, inspecting the ignition and pilot, and ensuring the motor is in good working order. Let our team at Techno-Gas Heating Services handle your maintenance for you.

Furnace service - prompt and

To tune up or service your furnace 

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