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 Boiler Maintenance

  Do you need to service your boiler every year?

   Your boiler is an important part of your home’s makeup, but many people do not get it enough of the attention it needs to work at its best. At Techno-Gas Heating Services, our team provides comprehensive boiler service to ensure your system is always working well, efficiently, and safely. When you call us for this type of service, we’ll tell you exactly what we will do during our service call.


 Boiler service improves safety

  All gas heating devices generate Carbon Monoxide, but we should make sure that the ratio of carbon monoxide is not too high and it is not leaking into the inside of your house. To do so, we have to check all the components of the combustion and the venting process. 

 Boiler service improves efficiency

Tuning-up your boiler, also, maximizes its efficiency. A technician comes in and cleans out the burners and tunes the actual performance of the boiler to maximize the efficiency, which means it lowers your gas bill and saves you money.

Boiler service prevents emergency breakdowns

The third reason that you want to tune up your boiler every year is to prevent emergency breakdowns from occurring. A technician inspects the operations of your critical systems, like your pomp, your controls, your thermostats and etc, and he makes sure they are operating properly. If they have any issue, he resolves them now before they become an emergency repair down the road.


Boiler service is required to maintain its warranty

And the fourth reason is to keep your boiler's warranty valid, as it is essential and one of the conditions of the warranty. Boiler manufacturers expect customers to maintain their boiler well. They recommend annual servicing to ensure the boiler is cleaned and small issues are fixed. 


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If you have any question about boilers' tune-up, feel free to give us a call at Techno-Gas Heating Services,


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