Techno-Gas Heating Services

A Reliable Heating Company in Greater Vancouver

  • Get up to $1000 rebate for installing an eligible high-efficiency gas appliance.

  •  Enjoy our 10 years parts and labor limited warranty.(contact us for more details)

  • Experienced and licensed technicians 

Techno-Gas is the company you can rely upon when:

      -  your furnace has a problem, 

      -  your boiler does not make enough heat, 

      - your fireplace won't come on,

      - it's the time to replace your hot water tank, 

      - if you just want to make sure your heaters work properly,

 We provide 24/7 Emergency service to the residents of all cities and municipalities of Metro Vancouver.

  Techno-Gas Heating Services is a professionally operated company which provides every heating services to the Lower Mainland residents. This company installs, repairs, and maintains furnaces, boilers, hot water tanks, tankless water heaters, and fireplaces.
 Techno-Gas is committed to bringing a higher standard service to its customers to ensure they are satisfied at every stage of the business. The technicians are fully qualified and love to bring their strong experience into the clients' homes. We are eager to serve you and see you enjoying our services.
   We offer the prompt and reliable 24/7 heating services in Metro Vancouver  

  Burnaby, British Columbia

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